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Footsteps were heard in the forest, following each other more rapidly as time passed. The ducks in the small pond flew away as something jumped over it, his black coat flapping behind him. He streaked his white hair, that got this collour from all the worries he had, out of his face. After a while he stopped, only to hear the redcoats shouting behind him. "he went this way" they yelled, running in the same direction as him, although trough the high bushes and up the steep hils that had shaped this land while the black coated man ran trough the trees. "Damn" you could hear him swear over the loud sounds of the red coated soldiers running behind him as he missed his jump, barely being able to grasp a lower hanging branch. He started swinging, using his velocity to swing to another low hanging branch, this one thick enough to get onto. After a while the trees started to get thinner, forcing him to jump to the ground, causing the redcoats to be able to catch up. The white haired man suddenly stopped, just in time to not fall of the steep cliff. He turned around, only to see the others spotting him and running towards him, some of them quickly forming a line and cleaning and loading their rifles. The man in black smiled, taking out his knive and blade and started attacking the redcoats that had ran towards them. After he killed several of them, taking a few blows themselves, he heared the commander-in-chief shouting to take aim, only to see the rifleman do so. As he kept defending himself, he waited for the rifleman to take decent aim and steadied himself, grapsing one of his assaulters and holding him in front of him as a human shield. As his human shield fell down, he took out his flintlock pistol and quickly shot on of the rifleman, causing the others to gasp in suprise. He smiled, turning around, eyeing around. Suddenly he heard something run towards him, feeling the edge of a sword cutting trough his coat and parts of his back before he could roll away from the sword, turning around and trowing the knive in his stomach. He looked frankly suprised as the man teared the knive out and trew it to the ground, before running towards him, grasping him by the waist and jumping of the cliff. In mid-air, the black cladded man placed his feet against the others stomach and set off, causing the commander to collide with the mountain. The force in his kick caused the man to go more towards the shore, only to make sure he ended up in the water. The blow the water gave him on his allready injured back, caused him to crawl to the shore, gasping for air. Here, he slowly walked toward the big city, the salt in the water staining his wounds. As he got in the city, he bought a hore, got on it and rode towards his homestead, only to find it blazing with fire, all of the citizens dead.
I don't really know if I got the right tags, but I had to do this as an assignment and kind of want to know the opinions of you guys

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November 29, 2012
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